What Should I Do For Heartburn

Why let acid indigestion control you? Why suffer when there might just be something that you can do to get rid of that stomach pain? Believe it or not, there are several heartburn remedies that you can use to end your suffering.

What Should I Do For Heartburn

What Should I Do For Heartburn

There are many foods that cause this problem. Some are more prone to cause the problems of acid reflux. If you have noticed after you eat chocolate, you have exhibit acid reflux disease symptoms, then this is something that does not agree with your stomach and should be avoided.

To get rid of heartburn, you must know what foods have an effect on you that could cause it. If you like caffeinated beverages, then you must drink them five hours before eating so that you do not experience heartburn. The possible heartburn that results from caffeine will not be a problem after five hours. To cure heartburn caused by caffeine, all you needed to do was read and act it out.

Avoid eating on the go and in a hurry as this can trigger heartburn. Also, limit eating acidic, spicy and fatty foods. Instead of frying your favorite foods, where possible, you may bake, boil, grill or steam. Should you need to fry, try using as little fat as possible and the healthier versions such as olive or canola oil among others.

Cut down on the caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. You can instead have milk, water or non-fizzy drinks. In fact, water is known to dilute stomach acid so this will definitely help in preventing heartburn. Another important thing to do is to avoid lying down right after eating a meal. This may lead to heartburn. Wait for at least two to three hours before you can do so.

A glass of milk or some unsweetened yogurt is a classic way to treat heartburn. The milk or yogurt helps to balance out the acid in the throat.

What Should I Do For Heartburn

Slow chewing of food also helps in easy digestion. This is very important as it not only helps in the food absorption; it also gives you the feeling of enjoyment in tasting the actual flavors and texture of the food that you are eating. Stress in eating can also cause problems in your digestion such as colitis and heartburn. So it is really important that you incorporate enjoyment in eating.

Putting a pillow under your head and even under your shoulders to keep you a little elevated can help prevent the reflux or may lessen the episode if heartburn is really unbearable. An acid reflux pillow is a great option for complementary treatment as you work to better manage your stomach pain. With its main purpose of elevating the head and the shoulders, it is a perfect tool to help prevent the acid from the stomach backing up into your esophagus.

Late night drinking and heavy smoking can also lead to indigestion and thus promote acid reflux. Alcohol and nicotine soften the digestive muscles that are supposed to stop acid from entering the esophagus. Therefore you need to curb your smoking or drinking habits to effectively control heartburn’s aggravating conditions. If you are prone to very severe attacks, then it is best to give up smoking and drinking entirely. A great way to help you get over your smoking addiction is to chew gum. This will help by increasing saliva production and swallowing, both helpful in eliminating acid reflux.

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Using natural heartburn remedies instead of medicine is often a good choice. Medicine for heartburn is known to have many side-effects and if the medicine can be avoided or reduced it should. These natural remedies will help you reduce the symptoms of heartburn but they will not cure the problems that are causing it.