5 Instant Heartburn Relief Home Remedy

Ever suffered from painful indigestion? Perhaps you have interpreted it as though it was an impending heart attack. If this continues to persist chances are you may be having an acid reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease. The pain you have just felt is called heartburn and you need acid reflux help.​

Acid reflux, otherwise known as heartburn, can be a painful medical condition. Fortunately most people who suffer from acid reflux disease can keep the disease under control with the proper acid reflux diet. If you suffer from severe heartburn, here are some acid reflux diet tips to help you get some relief in your life.

If you prefer to use herbal remedies to prevent symptoms of acid reflux, chamomile tea will be one of the natural remedy that you can go for. It relieves esophageal irritation. All you require to do is to pour a cup of boiling water over two to three teaspoons of fresh or dried flowers and then allow it to steep for fifteen or twenty minutes. You can easily drink three cups on a daily basis. Fennel tea is also known to be very effective remedy for acid reflux.​​

Honey: There are medicinal and calming qualities in honey. Manuka honey from New Zealand seems to have the highest potency. Putting a teaspoonful on a small piece of bread will help the honey coat the esophagus and make its way into the rest of the digestive track where it will continue to heal.​

Banana: Ripe banana is one of the easiest to use. Just eat a half of a banana when you feel the heartburn start. Don’t use the ones with green on the peel; they can actually cause heartburn.

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Do you like ice cream? If you do, this is certainly a good new to you. Vanilla ice cream has been used by many people to deal with this condition. When you notice a heartburn attack coming on you can eat some vanilla ice cream to stop the burning sensation created by the stomach acid.​

Drink plenty of water, cut down and if possbile steer clear from drinking any carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks increase the amount of gas in the body, which will eventually put pressure on the stomach. On the other hand, water does not and it will help flush down stomach acid.​

Avoid caffeinated beverages like tea, soda pop and coffee. A lot of caffeinated beverages lower the pressure in the lower esophageal sphincter and allow acid products to get into the esophagus.

Also try to avoid overeating. When people eat too much they add a lot of pressure to the stomach and when it expands it is harder for the muscle that connects the stomach and esophagus to stay closed.​

if you have the habit of sleeping right after meal, this ought to be avoid. ​To help avoid the GERD symptoms you will want to avoid laying down right after you eat. This will help to ensure that the acid stays in your stomach rather than making its way into your esophagus.​

Try to raise the level of your head at least six or eight inches when sleeping. This keeps gravity on your side to keep acid out of your stomach. One way to do this is to purchase a wedge pillow or raise the entire head of your bed when you’re sleeping. This will serve to keep acid out of your esophagus at night.

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