How You Can Cure And Prevent Acid Reflux From Home

Acid reflux is a condition that occurs when you get stomach acid into your esophagus that causes pain usually described as heartburn, and that after some time will cause the breakdown of your esophagus and the heartburn gets worse. However, you should know that the esophagus will heal itself if there is no more stomach acid leaking into it.

Meal size also seems to be very important when it comes to your reflux problems. Many people who have acid reflux seem to be eating too much in one sitting. Your meals should be the size of your clutched fist. This simple tip will also help you lose weight!

Acidic drinks such as the coffee can be great contributors to the problem of acid reflux. Consider the addition of cream or milk to your coffee and drink it if you want to leave, be sure to drink plenty of water to dilute the extra acid to be added to your body.

Water is your new best friend! There are numerous benefits to water including losing weight and even helping cure your acid reflux. Water is important because it creates a tight seal between the stomach and the sphincter. You should drink at least 1 tall glass of water after every meal or snack. Water keep crumbs and debris off the stomach opening which can lead to further damage of the sphincter and cause worse problems. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you at all times.

Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in a cup of water should be consumed after every meal, to help ease the process of digestion. This is actually one of the quickest home remedies for acid reflux and works very well.

Apples are nature’s cure for severe GERD. My dad has been eating apples to treat his acid reflux for 30 years now. Apples can do what some surgeries cannot even do. Whenever you feel an attack coming on, eat a slice of red apple or the whole thing.

Healing your sphincter is paramount to this home treatment for acid reflux. You can do this by sucking on a teaspoon of honey 3 times per day. Honey has natural healing qualities that can help the tissue of the LES to heal itself naturally. Make sure to suck on honey right before going to bed.

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