How To Naturally Cure Heartburn At Home

Heartburn despite the root has nothing to do with the heart itself. It is a pain or discomfort that is felt in your chest or sometimes it can be felt in the upper stomach. The burning sensation can also be felt in the middle section of your back.

Heartburn is a digestive problem and not an actual heart problem as mentioned above. It can be triggered by the types of meals we eat and the type of posture we sit in.

Basil leaves and clove are extremely beneficial in curing heartburn. Chew some basil leaves or a little piece of clove and combat heartburn efficiently. This is good natural cure for heartburn.

Honey is a great remedy to begin your home treatment. Honey has been clinically shown to fight bacteria, block infection, combat inflammation, reduce pain, and improve circulation. It has also shown to stimulate the regrowth of tissue in the sphincter.

Mix some lemon juice with water and little salt and drink it. The acidity level will decrease immediately offering you a great relief. Use lemon on regular basis because it has the great property to improve the digestion process and to nullify the effects of the harmful acid.

You might think of aloe vera as more of a sunburn treatment than anything. But what you might not know is that aloe vera can be used for lots of redness and irritation. Aloe vera juice can go down your throat to help cure heartburn while putting it on your skin gets rid of redness and peeling.

Cold milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey offers a great relief. Almonds, coconut water and raw garlic are often used as efficient treatments for heartburn.

Drinking 2 liters of water daily will help you to get rid of many kinds of digestive problems and not only. Drink a glass of water at the first hour in the morning to prevent the acid formation.

Finally, you should also regularly take swigs of apple cider vinegar which helps keep your stomach acids heightened. This will keep acids in the stomach and is also a researched remedy that works.

There are many natural household remedies for heartburn, some of the remedies listed here will work for you and some will not. If you experiment a little you will find the ones that works best for you.

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