6 Quick Home Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn is something that I have never heard mentioned with affection. Nobody seems to like heartburn and so it is no wonder that many seek out natural heartburn relief options. Heartburn is something that can actually do damage other than just simply taking away your good night’s sleep.

Pickle Juice: Drinking just a few sips of pickle juice helps settle your stomach, preventing the release of excess acid. When the acid is reduced, it won’t be able to come up into the esophagus, causing pain in the chest and throat.

Something else that was used as a form of natural heartburn relief was to take a few basil leaves, maybe three or four, and chew on them. Not only will it help with heartburn but it will also help you with nausea as well. Cooking with a small amount of basil in your food could be a way to avoid heartburn.

Did you know that honey is also a cure? Honey is one of the oldest acid reflux natural remedies and actually works because it naturally heals body tissue. We recommend 1 teaspoon of honey every time you feel discomfort.

Some would say that to get rid of heartburn you simply eat your meals with a cup of curd. Curd is a good way to relax heartburn that has already started or simply prevent it from ever rearing its nasty head.

Enjoy each and every meal is another one on the list of cures for heartburn. Chew your food well and don’t just let your stomach do the work. Having chunks in your stomach makes the body to produce more acid to aid digestion. Well-chewed food can also effortlessly go down your esophageal sphincter. The what? Well, it’s the food passage from our mouth to our stomach and acids are also excreted during the swallowing process.

One of the better cures for heartburn is to have several small meals throughout the day. That way, your stomach is not hard-pressed on grinding everything at one time. But do not eat before you go to bed. Your body is at rest when you are asleep and very little digesting is happening.

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This list should help you relieve your heartburn using easy home remedies, but they are no substitute for serious medical care. If you are experiencing severe, often heartburn pain you should immediately consult a doctor. If your heartburn is a rare occurrence, then, by all means, give these home heartburn remedies a shot.